SIEX installs fire suppression equipment at regasification plant

Fire protection

The Dunkirk LNG terminal is the second largest industrial construction site in France, located in the port of Dunkirk in the Calais region, a strategic location given that it is the third largest port in France.

Regasification is the process of converting liquefied natural gas (LNG) at −162 °C (−260 °F) temperature back to natural gas at atmospheric temperature.

SIEX fire suppression equipment has been installed, protecting certain areas in this plant using manual dry chemical powder extinguishing systems with hose reels and automatic nozzles (based on potassium bicarbonate compatible with the foam).

The cylinders and tanks have been painted based on the ISO 12944/5 – C5M anti-corrosion classification standard due to the coastal area with high levels of salinity in which it will be installed.

All systems have a primary tank and another reserve tank with ATEX systems (systems for explosive atmospheres), with more tan 50.000Kg of dry chemical in 20 tanks.

News bought to you from Komtes UK, part of Grupo Komtes, the leading manufacturer of fire detection, suppression and protection equipment and systems. 

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