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ul3It brings together advanced design of every component, robustness and reliability in use, as well as the great extinguishing capacity of IG-55 gas (50% nitrogen + 50% argon), thanks to the stratification and optimal distribution through Siex diffusers.

The agent enables protection in the entire height of the compound for longer, since it is a mix of harmless gases at different densities: nitrogen for medium and high areas, and argon in medium and low areas. To guarantee distribution, Siex has accredited diffusers of 3/8’’ to 2 ½’’, which may be radial (360º) or wall (180º), with proven effectiveness for coverage of up to 13.2 x 13.2 m, and heights up to 7.1 m with a single level.

The use of IG-55 is harmless to personnel, as the accreditation enables design concentrations to be reduced, which increases the safety margin that these agents already have. In addition to great coverage, varying sizes, materials and placement (ceiling/wall) of the diffusers, installation is minimal, ideal for use in occupied areas due to its low visual impact and safety of use. It does not damage delicate equipment, since it is an inert and non-reactive mixture and does not leave residues.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) guarantees the high quality of the products it certifies with a seal. In the case of systems with IG-55, SIEX goes even further and offers customers a totally environmentally friendly, effective and safe system for people, property and equipment.

  • Suitable for buildings occupied by personnel.
  • Does not damage equipment or delicate assets.
  • Totally environmentally friendly
  • Minimises down time and/or time to resume activity
  • Highest storage pressure accredited by UL
  • Largest variety of cylinder sizes on the market
  • Maximum coverage: up to 1,200 m³ with just one diffuser
  • Highest accredited design concentration
  • Exclusive accredited software

News bought to you from Komtes UK, part of Grupo Komtes, the leading manufacturer of fire detection, suppression and protection equipment and systems.

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