SIEX TK COMPLEX has a dual function autonomous detection. This mechanical-thermal activation system provides a large area of protection since it makes it possible to install several detection lines in a single mechanism.

The equipment can be configured to fulfill two separate functions:

  • Independent system – each line is operated individually.
  • Cross system – both lines work in coordination for a double check.

It is ideal when the installation of an electronic detection is not possible, or when the hazard is completely isolated. However, the main function for which it is designed is to be installed as a detection supplement in protection systems where there is a high risk of power failure or explosion, in  both of which cases the electrical components would fail.

SIEX-KP COMPLEX is a stand-alone and reliable system that guarantees detection of fire without the need for electricity. It adapts to any circumstance and provides greater safety, ensuring extinguishment before any hardship.



  • Transformers
  • Electric generators
  • Small fuel tanks
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Spray booths
  • Gas Service Stations
  • Electrical panels
  • Small enclosures
  • All isolated hazards types
Product Data
  • Fully self-contained and automatic.
  • Double function
  • Possibility of remote activation
  • Adaptable for various functions
  • Installation flexibility
  • Durable
  • Ideal as an additional system
  • Monitoring option
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