Electric pump-sets

ELECTRIC PUMPS SIEX-WF PE is our water mist system that uses an electric positive displacement, high pressure pump. It can be operated automatically or manually to start the discharge.

The unit comprises one or more main pumps featuring the latest technology. In wet pipe systems, where water needs to stay in the pipe continuously (wet pipe system) a jockey pump is also used for pressurizing the pipe.

SIEX WATER MIST SYSTEMS WITH ELECTRIC PUMPS REQUIRE LESS MAINTENANCE, ENSURING THE RELIABILITY OF THE SYSTEM. SIEX develops pump-sets with flow rates from 32 l/min to 480 l/ min, ensuring the minimum pressure required for the most unfavorable nozzle location, i.e., the farthest nozzle. To control the water mist system, the unit has a control panel that allows configuring and monitoring all system operations.


Water Mist System electric pumpsets

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