Constant flow technology

SIEX’s innovative equipment, with valves to regulate the outlet pressure, improves protection by regulating the discharge. The Constant Flow Technology System represents an evolution in inert gas systems.

The clean agent discharge is produced in a controlled manner according to the cylinder pressure in order to achieve better protection with a constant pressure during the entire discharge. The discharge pressure can be adapted to the pressure required for protection. Although the most common pressure is 60 bar (870psi), it is possible to adjust it as required for installation.

SIEX adapts all of its components to this new technology, unifying the system using exclusive design software and optimizing the design in each individual case. With this new technology the over-pressurization of the enclosure decreases and the pipe diameters are considerably reduced, which saves money throughout the entire installation. Its pneumatic activation mechanism offers greater safety compared with the existing competition on the market, making it stand out.

INERT SIEX CFT can be installed with all our inert agent systems:

  • INERT SIEX CFT 01: Argon
  • INERT SIEX CFT 100: Nitrogen
  • INERT SIEX CFT 55: Argon + Nitrogen
  • INERT SIEX CFT 541: Argon + Nitrogen + CO2
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