INERT-SIEX 541 CONSTANT FLOW TECHNOLOGY is a step forward in fire protection with IG-541. It combines the unbeatable qualities and performance of this agent (a blend of Argon, Nitrogen and cCarbon Dioxide) with a marked improvement in its release, thanks to our equipment’s innovative air flow control system, developed exclusively by SIEX’s R&D and innovation department and laboratory. Approved and certified internationally, this system manages to streamline the installation while minimizing costs in IG-541 systems.

The use of the RGS-MAM-RD constant pressure valve ensures total fire extinguishing as well as the integrity of the enclosure, property and especially people. This is possible because this component regulates the outflow of gas from the cylinder, providing a constant flow during discharge.

It represents a breakthrough in the use of IG-541, which belongs to the group of inert gases used in two thirds of the firefighting systems in Europe, because it ELIMINATES THE USE OF A CALIBRATED RESTRICTOR to reduce the initial high pressure and maintains a constant discharge, thus making it safer.

Moreover, the controlled release of agent significantly reduces the diameter and thickness of the piping system, thereby cutting costs and facilitating installation. The software developed specifically for the INERT-SIEX 541 CFT system is the only accurate method accepted for its design.



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