Thanks to our company’s strong focus on R&D and innovation, we have developed the INERT-SIEX 01 CFT system, one of the greatest advances in the firefighting industry, using IG-01 as the extinguishing agent. It combines a commitment to safety and the environment—the agent consists or Argon,—with enhanced firefighting benefits by using the RGS-MAM-RD constant pressure valve.

These innovations cut back on fire related damage, injury, loss of data and downtime, temporarily or even permanently. The IG-01 agent is perfectly suitable for especially sensitive and valuable hazards, thanks to its functional, environmental and safety features. It is highly effective and respectful of occupants, the environment and the property protected.

The use of this agent in combination with INERT-SIEX CFT technology significantly decreases the diameter and thickness of the piping system, resulting in a significant cost reduction and streamlining the system installation, thus obtaining numerous benefits. The RGS-MAM-RD cylinder valve delivers constant discharge pressure and thus avoids the initial overpressure typical in conventional systems. This in turns helps ensure the integrity and safety of the enclosure.



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