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A complete range
of fire suppression systems

Our objective is to safeguard lives and property against fire through the research, development and manufacture of the best solutions for protection against each individual risk. The Komtes Group have been keeping people safe for many years the world over.

We strive to provide a solution designed to fit each individual need ranging from small area to complex and specialist fire fighting systems.

We design and manufacture a wide range of fire suppression systems including gas suppression (all types of gas) clean agent, water mist, foam, dry chemical powders, smoke & fire control, electronic detection and more.

Innovative system which increases the working pressures of SIEX HC systems to 60 bar

INERT-SIEX 541 CFT regulates the outflow of gas, providing a constant flow during discharge

Complete protection for the entire building with one unit

Kitchen hood protection to include in all appliances with high risk of combustion

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